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... tradition since 1835


The manufacture of paper and paper products is a tradition in Hostinné that goes all the way back to the 16th century. By 1835 the town was already the foremost centre of paper production in the region, thanks to a major expansion of production capabilities brought about principally by two local firms. The first was established by the Kiesling brothers, Gustav and Wilhelm, who established a modern paper-mill in Labský Mlýn. Not long after, Gustav Roeder and Julius Eichmann also began manufacturing pulp and a wide range of specialized papers. With its accentuation on quality products and customer satisfaction Eichmann and Co. quickly achieved a prestigious reputation both domestically and internationally.

In 1945 the company was nationalized and the state-owned enterprise Krkonošské papírny was established in Hostinné. The former Eichman & Co paper-mill was the core of this new enterprise and a number of other small firms in the Hostinné region were incorporated as part of the amalgamation. In 1984 pulp production in Hostinné came to a halt due to serious water pollution in the upper part of the Elbe River, a problem which required urgent address. In 1986 a new plant devoted to the production of carbonless papers was put into operation. On May 1st, 1992 the former state enterprise was privatised and a joint-stock company Krkonošské papírny, a.s. was founded. KRPA Holding was formed in May 2008.

Today, KRPA Holding is dedicated to the production of specialized papers used by the printing industry, in food and in several sectors of the packaging industry. In the last ten years we have also seen a dramatic increase in our production of a comprehensive range of papers designed for diverse applications. Paper products such as copy papers, wrapping paper, computer forms, envelopes and paper bags, till rolls and fax-machine rolls are all produced at KRPA Holding and delivered to domestic and international markets.

Furthermore, KRPA Holding is one of the leading manufacturers of bitumen sealing sheets, made of both oxidated and modified bitumens, in the Czech Republic.

Export contracts represent about 50 % of the company's annual turnover and we are among the top 100 exporters in the Czech Republic in total value of exports.

KRPA Holding, a.s.
Nádražní 266, 543 71 Hostinné, IČ: 275 30 396
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