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Greaseproof and Barrier Paper

KH PACK – greaseproof wrapping papers is used for food packaging and wide range of industrial materials, that contain various amount of fat and/or water.

KH PACK is applicable as a barrier layer that protects wrapped goods against penetration of fat and moisture from outside. The function of the barrier papers is reached by one or both side coating.

Greaseproof Papers

Special wrapping paper with various parameters adjusted to end application.

Designed for direct wrapping of bakery, fast food and further converting to paper bags, table mats, etc.

Barrier Papers

One side treated papers bringing excellent barrier parameters. Barrier papers are resistant against water, air and grease. Paper is used as an ecological substitution of papers coated by polymer foil.

Designed for loose and powdery food materials (sugar, wheat, tea etc.).

Base Papers

Reliable base material for waxing, coating and laminating with polyethylen and aluminum.

Designed for wrapper production for butter, grease and delicatessen.

Wrapping Paper

Universal wrapping paper for non-food goods such as flowers, pottery and books.

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